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A one-year program over twelve weekends

The Observation

Towards the middle of the last decade, we are witnessing the rise of church initiatives by young people; Germans with migration backgrounds.

These individuals, with the mandate to communicate the Gospel meaningfully, find themselves in the middle of two ecclesiastic worlds and traditions: between the migrant churches in which they grew up (often oriented towards the practices of the homeland of the parents), charismatic in nature with a strong focus on the manifestations of the gifts of the Holy Spirit but offers little or no room for sound theologically reflected teachings, and German congregations with some particular forms of intellectually-oriented theologies that leave little or no room for the manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit.

The Solution Approach

To bridge these two ends, CTMF-G offers theological education and spiritual formation to ministers and pastors for effective ministration and mission in a diversified and pluralized society. The goal of CTMF-G is to equip ministers for multi-cultural ministries.

The Lecturers

Theologians, pastors and field experts

The Costs

One-Time registration of 30€

30€ per month*

*inclusive Tea, Coffee, Snacks and Lunch, study material and Accredited certificate

The Program 2020/2021

13.06. 11.07. 08.08. 12.09. 14.11. 12.12.
Introduction to the Old Testament
Introduction to the New Testament
Church History: From the 1st Century – 21st Century
Systematic Theology: foundational teachings and doctrines
Missiology: mission and evangelism in pluralistic societies
Practical Theology: Diakonia
16.01. 13.02. 13.03. 11.04. 08.05. 06.2021 10.07.
Youth and Children ministry, Adult ministry
Pneumatology: the gifts of the Holy Spirit and their functions in the church.
Church leadership and the five- fold ministries
Pastoral Care
Church and State
Internship and report, evaluation

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